Instructional :

1. Library cum Resource Centre

A. Books, Journals & Magazines

Like any other educational institute we have a library in our institution. Of course we face certain difficulties as we don’t have sanctioned librarian to adequately manage and run the library. In spite of that we try to run the library with the help of faculties to provide library resources to the trainees. The library contains several content books, methods book, and reference book as well as some fictional and non-fictional books. We have dedicated session for library work when the students can access the library resources.


B. Children Books.

We have a collection of more than 1000 text books for elementary classes.


C. Audio Visual Equipments

We have two LED Projector and dedicated PC for the same with large screen suitable for workshop and theory classes. We have PA sound system for various classes. We are well equipped with ICT lab, in which 13 PC which can be also used as audio visual equipments for training purpose.


D. Teaching Aids.

We have a separate corner in each resource lab dedicated for preservation of various LTMs which are made by the trainees in guidance of Art & Craft Teacher of our institute. So we have a great collection of various 3D & 2D charts and models for the purpose of effective teaching in elementary classes.


E. Photo Copying Machine.

We have one Photo Copying Machine installed in Principal’s office which is also accessible to the trainees.


2. Musical Instrument.

We have various musical instruments like Harmonium, Tabla etc.