Designation: Lecturer in-Charge.
Qualification: M.A. (Bengali)
(Education) , P.G.B.T.
Type of Service: Permanent
Principal's Desk || Dear Readers,
Who is a teacher? Any person who gives the child a new experience is a teacher and the place where this giving and receiving takes place is termed as a school. Education is not the communication of information by the teacher of the acquisition of the knowledge by the child. It is the total development of the personality. Our institute is the foundation cultures development and our teachers act as mentors, Supervisor, co-ordinator and facilitator for the students from rising to bed. Teacher’s role in our school includes teaching in small groups in reading. Not only the teaching staff but also the non-teaching staff have helped in numerous ways to cater the needs and demands of the students, who are the flowers of our garden. We have ICT, Library and other Laboratories facility.